This past August I was in Nicaragua with my band VOTA filming a documentary that will be used to raise support for an impoverished community. We worked really hard all week and Friday was supposed to be our day off but I had this crazy idea to shoot a music video to use for our campaign. There were a couple major obstacles with this idea…We didn’t bring any drums, keyboards or electric guitars to film a music video and our team in Nicaragua didn’t have any connections to get us the instruments we needed to shoot a video. I suggested we try and find a music store in the city of Managua and stop in to see what God would do. Well, we found a music store and here’s what God did…

I met Dennis, the store owner, and he and I both happened to be wearing Jesus t-shirts. Dennis was a Christian and he spoke English extremely well. I told him about our crazy video idea and Dennis stopped everything he was doing and let us borrow all the instruments we needed to shoot the video. Not only that, Dennis took the rest of the day off and helped us shoot the video! God provided a new friend and brother in Christ and everything we needed to shoot our video.

I really wanted to shoot the video in this cool looking courtyard we visited earlier in the week. What I didn’t realize was the cool looking courtyard was in front of the Presidential Palace and the Old Cathedral of Nicaragua which was kind of like trying to shoot a music video on the White House lawn. When we arrived, there were approximately 8 police officers that said we couldn’t shoot our video in the cool looking courtyard. Our new friend Dennis and our team from Nicaragua talked with the police for 45 minutes while we smiled kindly at them and prayed that God would bless our crazy plan. Then, somehow, they gave us permission to shoot our video! The police told us that we were the only band that has ever been given permission to shoot a video in front of the palace. To God be the glory! What an amazing day!

I love when God does the unexpected. Click the picture below to watch a rough cut of our video for the song “Fearless” filmed in front of the Presidential Palace in Nicaragua with equipment from our new friend Dennis. This video will be used to draw people to our mission in Nicaragua. Thank you for being a part of this adventure with me.