Our mission is to use music to connect people who need help with people who can help.

Our Story

Meet the Founder

Bryan Olesen

Many years ago I was living my dream as the lead guitarist for the Newsboys, one of the most successful bands in Christian music. I traveled the world playing concerts with them in some of the most beautiful places on earth like Scotland, New Zealand, Morocco and Israel. My travel with Newsboys also led me to Mexico where I saw extreme poverty for the first time in my life. I witnessed hundreds of families living in landfills, using scraps for shelter. Newsboys partnered with an organization to build homes for these families. It was so moving to see something as simple as music making a real difference in the lives of these families.

From that moment on I’ve tried to use my gifts to live a meaningful life and help people in need. The power of music is undeniable. Music bridges cultures, genders, and generations. With God’s blessing and your help, I am using music to bridge people who need help with people who can help to do significant work across the world. I invite you to sing along.

Our Work

FearlessI recorded the album “Fearless” with my band VOTA to help this village.

Community Development

Panali, Nicaragua

Panali is a remote village in north central Nicaragua that is in extreme poverty. Half of the children in this village struggle with diarrhea and hydration. Their agriculture is suffering and needs development. Schools are under-resourced and illiteracy is high. The average education in Panali is at the 3rd grade level.

We have partnered with Food For The Hungry, the only development organization serving in this area, to help these people. Our goal is to partner with this community long term and help them develop and escape extreme poverty over the next several years.

lovefoundmeI recorded the album “Love Found Me” with my band VOTA to help stop trafficking at the Nepal border.

Human Trafficking


Every year over 15,000 children are being trafficked across the border of Nepal into India.  We partnered with Tiny Hands International with a goal to raise $150,000 to support and staff 5 border monitoring stations to help intercept children and catch traffickers at the Nepali border.

God has greatly blessed this album campaign and we’ve surpassed our initial goal.  To date the campaign has raised over $180,000 to support these border stations.  It is estimated over 3,500 children will be intercepted from being sold into sex slavery.

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This is my mom

September 23rd of last year my mom died unexpectedly. She was only 60 years old. My mom lived in Connecticut where I grew up and she had recently retired from working as a postal worker, a job she worked most of her life.

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The Unexpected

This past August I was in Nicaragua with my band VOTA filming a documentary that will be used to raise support for an impoverished community. We worked really hard all week and Friday was supposed to be our day off but I had this crazy idea to shoot a music video to use for our campaign. There were a couple major obstacles with this idea… read more…

This Moment.

As I was thinking about what to share with you for my very first Music Missions newsletter I thought it would be cool to also include a photo. So I found this photo of me in Nicaragua, quickly uploaded it and then began thinking about all of the things I wanted to share with you. But I couldn’t stop staring at this photo.

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